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There are a number of benefits when it comes to consuming olive products, both health benefits and beauty benefits. Moreover, purchasing and using tools made from olive trees makes use of the entire tree and supports a sustainable philosophy with respect for our nature and environment.

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Olives are a ground pillar in many cuisines all over the world, and not without reason. Olives are tasty, easy to incorporate in dishes and packed with health benefits.

Olives 101

Olives are praised as one of the most nutrient fruits in the world – their health benefits are numerous and well-documented, containing outstanding antioxidant compounds. Understand why olives are good for you

Olive Oil

Olive oil is known as “liquid gold” and more praised than the olive itself, perhaps because it is so easy to apply in everyday use. Olive oil come in different categories ranging from extra virgin to virgin to refined, but which is better? And how to find the best olive oil? We’ll  explain everything you need to know about olive oil for you to make the best choice.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is your best choice of food philosophy for a good health profile. The Mediterranean diet promotes lots of healthy fats, fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods, all things that have the ability to prevent and even cure chronic deceases. Moreover, the Mediterranean Diet promotes slow eating, more meals and great taste.

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Olive Lore is a website made and written by a couple of olive enthusiasts. We’ve always been fascinated by this incredible zesty fruit, which we believe is an essential in any healthy cuisine. Olives are good for your taste buds and your health, they can prevent a range of known diseases, as well as adding piquant flavor to the table. On this website, we guide you to the world of olives, how to select the best olives, olive oils and olive products on the market.