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2023 l’Olio delle Colline competition was held this weekend in Sonnino

This weekend, on February 25, 2023, the eighteenth edition of the l’Olio delle Colline (Oil from the Hills) competition was held. It was held in the town of Sonnino, at the San Bernardino Olive Oil Plant.

sommelier pouring olive oil into a glass during a tasting competition arranged by CAPOL in Italy
The core purpose of the l’Olio delle Colline competition is to promote the olive oil production and agricultural values of the region comprising mountains of Lepini, Ausoni and Aurunci. The secondary purpose is to promote the culture of professional olive oil tasting and, to stimulate millers and growers to become even more quality-oriented. The competition is arranged by, among others, the CAPOL (Olive Oil Testing Center of Latina), Aspol (Provincial Olive Association of Latina), Italian League for the Fight against Cancer, as well as a range of interest organizations. In total, 279 producers participated in this extraordinary returning event close to the Abbey of Fossanova. To better select the oils in the competition, pre-selections have been organized in recent months in the areas involved (Lepini, Ausoni, Aurunci). olive groves on a mountainside in lepini italy The oils were classified in three categories: Lightly Fruity, Medium Fruity and Intensely Fruity. The jury was chaired by panel leader of Unaprol International Olive Council, Giulio Scatolini, along with other high standing representatives of olive oil and agricultural organizations. The collaboration of the San Benedetto institute in Latina, which was responsible for the chemical-physical analyzes on the 107 oil samples that took part in the competition, was too important and fundamental for the competition to be executed. Other categories such as Best Veteran Grower,  Best Young Grower and Best Female Grower were also highlighted at the event. Olive oil wasn’t the only thing being awarded this weekend. The best packaging and label was also given attention, a big congratulation to Paola Orsini whom was elected in front of 28 competitors. convention and conference about olives held in latina italy The event was also an occasion for leading nutritionists and sensory analysts to meet, who took stock of various topics, such as: Olive oil and health; Technological innovation in the oil mill and quality; Sensory analysis for the qualitative improvement of the Pontine olive growing. Three reports erupted from the event: “Slowly travelling: oil tourism according to Slow Food” by Roberto Perticaroli, Slow Food Latina and Slow Food Travel Team leader; “Sensory analysis of extra virgin olive oil: knowing and recognizing oil” by Lorenzo Natale, Panel Leader of the “Ercole Olivario” national award; “Itrana, biochemical study of the effects of polyphenols on cancer cells” by Eugenio Lendaro of the Department of Medical-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnology of the “La Sapienza” University of Rome – Polo Pontino.