Olive Lore

Starbucks is now adding olive oil to your coffee

Starbucks is no stranger to experimenting with unique flavor combinations. While some creations, like the beloved pumpkin spice latte have garnered a devoted following, others have sparked controversy. One such offering that has recently divided opinions is the addition of olive oil to their coffee.

Guy sitting by a table drinking coffee from a paper mug at a Starbucks cafe.

Discovered in Italy

Starbucks is introducing a fresh lineup of beverages crafted with the inclusion of extra virgin olive oil. These drinks go beyond being merely flavored with olive oil or having a subtle hint of it. In fact, each beverage is genuinely prepared with a spoonful of oil, contributing an additional 120 calories to its total. In some instances, you can visibly observe a glossy sheen of oil within the cup, and there’s no need to strain your eyes to notice it.

Originally introduced in Italy earlier this year, Starbucks’ Oleato range (derived from the Italian word “oliato,” meaning “oiled”) has now made its way to the US and UK. This innovative lineup combines arabica coffee with the richness of extra virgin olive oil, presenting customers with three intriguing beverage options to choose from.

The first option is a latte crafted with oat milk, featuring a shot of espresso infused with a carefully measured portion of oil. Alternatively, one can opt for the cold brew coffee, which comes accompanied by a delightful blend of vanilla syrup and a sweetened olive oil foam. Lastly, the menu includes an iced shaken espresso combined with oil, “toffeenut” syrup and oat milk

11 new states to try the Oleato™ this summer

As of June 6th, coffee enthusiasts can now savor the Oleato™ beverages at specific company-operated Starbucks stores in 11 newly added states across the United States. These states include Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont, along with major cities like Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami. Moreover, these delightful beverages have expanded their availability to additional Starbucks locations in New York, Illinois, California, and Washington state, where they initially made their debut in March. To easily locate a nearby store offering Oleato beverages, customers can conveniently use the Starbucks app or visit sbux.co/FindOleato store locator.

Mixed reception

As Starbucks continues to push the boundaries of taste and experimentation, the introduction of olive oil to their coffee represents a bold step. However, the reception among coffee enthusiasts remains divided, with opinions ranging from enthusiastic embrace to skeptical curiosity.

Upon its introduction to the Starbucks menu, the newly unveiled beverage swiftly ignited a division of opinions among customers. Social media platforms were abuzz with mixed reviews, and some individuals took to Twitter to express their discontent. Negative feedback emerged, with a few users sharing their experiences of discomfort and stating that the drink had an adverse effect on their stomachs. In a tweet, one person expressed their dissatisfaction, suggesting that those who claimed Oleato to be the next significant Starbucks offering should reevaluate their judgment. The polarizing nature of the drink stirred a variety of reactions and generated a lively online discourse.